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Few holidays have survived commercialism. Arbor Day is the happy exception. This holiday usually arrives after the last cold snap has tweaked the nose and the winter wind has waned. Like United Nations Day or Friendship Day, Arbor Day is an ambiguous holiday. It lacks the fanfare of St. Patrick's Day, the portent of Ground Hog Day. It has no celebrations of notable report, no lengthy shopping lists, candies, or decorated eggs.

All in all, it is a serene holiday. How much hoopla do people raise when invited to plant a tree? There is nothing to carry away in your stocking or basket. You end up with calloused hands and dirty jeans. The day is set aside for planting trees—that simple, that straight forward.

There is a quiet joy about Arbor Day. Planting a tree is a commitment to the belief that this nation, this planet, will endure. Through conservation, we are proactive. Arbor Day is the recognition of natural beauty and the cycle of life. If this is too much, then plant a tree for the fun of it. Arbor Day is the day to celebrate our roots.

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