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Dragon roars his dreaded name
heralding his terrible design.
Vermilion mouth curling wicked flames,
billowing smoke to blacken all hope.
Teeth sharp and true shred the clouds.
Reptilian nightmare, breathing magma, walking terror.

Wooden sword in hand, shield of paper, terry cape.
Boy transformed to noble knight
travels the road to his throne.
Gallant, astride the stick pony
embracing fearful heart, he rides.
He seeks the Evil One.

Girl, now sweet damsel
softly kisses the lily
Offered to him, her Lochinvar.
Manteau spun of angel hair cloaks the gnarled sycamore,
foggy slivers of morning weave the ominous tapestry.

The dragon falls, slain by valiant youth.
Knight to King
Damsel now his Queen.

The sacred quest is replaced.
Valor never as simple.
The child lingers,
teetering on the abyss.
Unwillingly he departs.
Lion-hearted hero misplaced
enchanted kingdoms abandoned.

The game, defined and unrelenting moves forward
and they will lament the passing
of dragons and kings.



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