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Painted lady by design,
Brazen image.
Tarnished past, faded future.
Reality outside the door,
fantasy accessible.

Who crosses your path?
Men of purpose
and those with no course.
Men with blemished exteriors
and those whose wounds lie deeper.

Men will have you
in matters of pleasure.
Basic needs, unswerving.
The nature of his obsession
insures exoneration.

Aroused by Madison Avenue
he searches for Venus.
No one recognizes Adonis…
except you.
Small price is reassurance
identity secured.

The transient pleasure, each soul’s treasure.
Nameless face, loneliest occupation.
Body performance renown. Endless expectation.
Momentary intimacy. Ultimate invisibility.
Painted lady. Jaded lovers.

For some, the encounter proof
they are men.
For others, a reminder,
they are less.