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Days gave way to years, a millennium became the past.
She lay unknown.
Again, millennium came and lapsed.
Millennium to eon,
till three and one half million years were spent.

Afar Desert, daughter of ages
did come to new hands.
Not sons of sand, but lovers of the Antediluvian.
Excavators of the arcane,
squires of the ancient and mislaid.

Hadar, centered in Afar, long cradled this woman.
the desert yielded and set her free.
Unearthed from the primordial grave
bones bathed in the waters of the Awash
numbered A1-288-1, they called you Lucy.

Most preserved, oldest.
Most compete.
now fossilized
and history redefined.

Stars sparkled across the endless night
Did you turn your small head skyward
staring in quiet awe?
Frame slight and matted with thinning hair.
Was survival knowledge?
Was there only trepidation and endless flight,
or were there moments of peace and wonder?

Nights of stars, now mine.
You are here, archaeological rebirth.
Lucy, they have named you.

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