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The jungle, menacing, hallowed ground
I am compelled against all logic
to traverse the forbidden terrain.
by what name shall the tiger be called?

Noises steal me from senseless sleep
a lower self, or higher instinct that weeps
years of indecision make this trek
a lonely journey
by what name do we call the enemy?

There is no safe haven, no shelter
for those who have toiled under false suns
a darkness waits, a pace relentless
on unsteady foot we travel, blinded of inner sight.

In the dense bush, the unnamed tiger crouches
with sharp claw and tooth
instinct intact, his pace constant
it is but a question of time and he shall have his fill.

and he takes us
of this it is certain
and I am too weary to fight
but by what name do we call the tiger
avenger or redeemer?